Ranch houses

A “ranch house” can be one of two things. It can be literally a house on a ranch. We design of lot of these. Or, it can be a ranch-style house typical of 50s, 60s and 70s subdivisions. We remodel a lot of these.

Jim Bob Kaufmann grew up on a Wyoming cattle ranch, so he knows how ranches – and their houses – should function. The back door is really the front door. Dinner is usually a one-woman production, and she wants to be involved with her family and friends while she cooks. The views are spectacular; the elements can be extreme. By definition, ranching families work “at home,” and the ranch house is an integral part of a working ranch. The well-designed ranch house enhances the lifestyle of its owners, and by extension, the operation of the ranch.

Ranch-style houses have enjoyed renewed popularity in recent years. And for good reason – most of them have great “bones,” making them excellent candidates for remodeling. We transform them by opening up the floor plans, updating materials and upgrading the infrastructure to today’s standards. In the West, especially in California, the mild climate allows us to live outdoors much of the year. The ranch-style house suits this lifestyle perfectly.

Ranch houses can be traditional or contemporary. We often blend the two styles, creating a home where clients’ collections and furnishings harmonize with modern appliances, lighting fixtures and colors. Ranch houses can be simple, comfortable and handsome. We make the most of these qualities to create homes that are fresh, airy, open and, above all, practical.